Are you really locked in?

The Oatman Jail is unlike most jails, in that you can leave any time you want. The main door to the outside remains unlocked for the duration of the game. 

Do i need to book a reservation?

Booking a reservation helps secure your time slot. If you would like to guarantee your time slot then we ask that you pay over the phone via card. Otherwise, we will hold your time slot reserved until five past the hour before we relinquish it.  We do accept walk-ins, but we cannot guarantee a time slot will be open when you arrive. 

how long does it last?

You'll have 40 minutes to get out before the sheriff returns, so hopefully less than that. Otherwise you're locked up for good. 


when should we arrive?

We deputies recommend showing up fifteen minutes prior to your reserved time. Otherwise, at five after the hour we will give away your time slot to another party. 


am i allowed to take pictures and video?



Any other questions?

Well, I think that about covers it, but if it hasn't give us a call at (805) 570-8050 or shoot us a message at oatmanjailbreak@gmail.com.